Other Projects

The Alex Western-King Quintet

- Featuring some of the finest up and coming talents in London, this quintet plays originals as well as standards and contemporary jazz compositions.

Alex Western-King - Tenor Saxophone

Tom Barford - Tenor Saxophone

Lyle Barton - Piano

Arthur Newell - Drums
Matthew Read - Double Bass

Howl Trio

- Howl Trio are a collaborative piano trio with fellow London-based pianist Rupert Cox and Basel-based drummer Phelan Burgoyne. Howl draw influence from a plethora of sources; the music of their own generation; the trios of Brad Mehldau and Esbjörn Svensson, the great ensembles of the past; Bill Evans and Wynton Kelly, as well as influences from a wide range of Rock, Pop and Classical music.


Formed in late 2013 Howl Trio are already building a reputation as a formidable up and coming trio. Multiple dates in June 2014 (including Ronnie Scott’s Late Show) in collaboration with Spanish trumpet player Félix Rossy turned many heads and this collaboration looks set to return in the near future.



Otago's Wager

- A contemporary Jazz Quintet, based in London, Otago's Wager puts their own stamp on tunes from the Pop/Rock/Jazz and Folk traditions as well as playing their own original compositions. Some have described their approach as sounding like "Jazz, but with a darker edge".


Crawford Mcinally - Vocals

Benedict Wood - Guitar

Neil Birse - Piano

Arthur Newell - Drums
Matthew Read - Double Bass

Matthew Read Big Band

- The winner of the 2016 Dankworth Prize for Big Band Composition, Matthew Read takes the traditional big band setting and pairs it with new and fresh arrangements to create The Matthew Read Big Band. Matthew's arrangements are inspired by a huge range of music from early Count Basie charts through to the more modern works of Loose Tubes, Kenny Wheeler, Dave Holland Big Band, Maria Schneider Orchestra and Darcy James Argue's Secret Society.


Vocals: Ines Loubet-Franco

Trumpets: James Copus, Tom Dennis, Matt Roberts, Jackson Mathod

Trombones: Olli Martin, Ed Parr, Vijay Prakash

Tuba and Bass Trombone: Chris Claxton

Saxophones: Helena Kay, Sam Glaser, Tom Barford, Alex Western-King, Gustavo Clayton-Marrucci

Piano: Rupert Cox

Guitar: Billy Marrows

Drums: Phelan Burgoyne

Double Bass: Matthew Read

Bleep Test

- Led by saxophonist Fraser Smith, Bleep Test combines house, breaks, drum & bass and jazz. Analog synths, electric drums and screaming saxophones tie this band to the growing scene of exciting, genre-defying music groups emerging from London's creative underground. Fiery grooves and memorable melodies push these musicians out of the traditional improvisational realm and in to another soundscape that hits hard.


Fraser Smith - Tenor Sax/Effects

Chris Morgan - Tenor Sax

Joe Webb - Synths

Gethin Jones - Drums

Matthew Read - Electric Bass and Moog







Aurora Quintet

- Aurora Quintet is the bringing together of five young and exciting musicians from the London jazz scene. Focusing mainly on original compositions, the quintet draw from multiple influences to create an amazingly striking sound world that you won't help but be drawn in to.


Tom Barford - Tenor Saxophone

Olli Martin - Trombone

Billy Marrows - Guitar

Matthew Read - Double Bass

Dave Storey - Drums


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