Matthew Read Trio

Matthew Read Trio (MRT) features Matthew Read on double bass, Benedict Wood on guitar and Arthur Newell on drums. Formed in 2015, the trio brings together three like-minded approaches to music making, creating an exciting new performance every time they play. Drawing influence from the bands of Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Paul Motian and many more, MRT brings a fresh edge to the world of the guitar trio.

Following hot on the heels of 2018 release Anecdotes, Vol 2, the trio return in 2019 touring a new collection of music written in preparation for Anecdotes, Vol 3.

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“Proof indeed that the British Jazz scene at the moment is in incredible form” – Chris Philips, Jazz FM

“This is definitely a trio on which to keep a sharp eye” - Roger Farbey,


“Lean yet supple, song-like melody is the chief feature here, set in service of a mature, diversely inflected quality of story telling” – Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal


Benedict Wood - Guitar
Arthur Newell - Drums
Matthew Read - Double Bass

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